Skeleton’s identity still unknown

Published 8:50 am Saturday, November 15, 2014

The identity of human female skeletal remains, which were discovered on Nov. 7, is still unknown, according to one investigator in the case.

“We’re still waiting for the medical examiner’s report, and we’re looking for dental records,” said Lt. Tommy Potter of the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Department. “I’m hoping we’re going to be able to ID the body pretty quickly.

“We are looking at a missing persons report filed in 2009 that does involve someone from Carrsville.”

However, to release a name now would be premature, he said, adding, “We want to respect the family’s privacy.”

On Friday of last week, the skull and some bones were discovered by hunters when they were taking down a tree stand. Early investigation at that point indicated there no signs of trauma to the remains, and also no reason to think foul play was involved. But that was quite preliminary, Potter said then.

The body was taken to the Tidewater region’s Medical Examiner’s Office in Chesapeake. The hope is to first use the available teeth to find dental records. Failing that, DNA could be used, but identification would take longer because the samples would have to be compared with those from missing people or open cases.

“Once we ID it, we’ll release details,” Potter said.