Schools’ partnership is promising

Published 9:05 am Friday, November 14, 2014

The announcement that Paul D. Camp Community College is taking J.P. King Jr. Middle School under its wing is encouraging news.

PDCCC was recently asked to reach out and support city public schools, and the local school system also requested help with its Volunteers in Public Schools program. That mission being to enable residents to aid school personnel in their work of developing not only the students’ academic abilities, but also learning skills that can enhance their lives.

PDCCC faculty, staff and students will assist include volunteer tutoring, presentations on developing study skills, and guidance on career possibilities, to name a few ways that J.P. King students will benefit.

As with other local tutoring programs, we think that the presence of experienced adults working with learning youngsters can create and cement bonds. This personal interaction not only encourages learning, but also self-confidence and self-worth, qualities that are perhaps missing from too many children’s lives.

We look forward to highlighting the progress that PDCCC and J.P. King make together in the months and years to come.