Land Transfers

Published 9:26 am Wednesday, November 12, 2014

City of Franklin
October 2014 

Keith W. and Julia M. Rowles to Robert L. and Kelly G. Cook, 177 Covey Circle, $275,900.

Helen Elizabeth Reavis to Shana Lynn and Jaime Moo Haines, 329 Meadow Lane, $207,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Hunterdale Investments, 116 Crescent Drive, $135,000.

Ellen W. Smith to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 219 Wilson St., $83,440.65.

ALG trustee LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 159 Beechwood Drive, $142,200.

Nationstar Mortgage to Quinton and Michelle Buchanan, 195 Beechwood Drive, $142,295.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., to Ronnie A. Edwards, 504 N. High St., $34,000.

James W. Brown to Bronco Federal Credit Union, 310 W. 1st Ave., $0.

Robert Weeks Jr. to Roland L. Joyner, 18434 Barrow Rd., $145,000.

William H. Riddick to S&D Holdings LLC, 29266 Delaware Rd., $10,001.

Benjamin Charles Curtis to Shawn and Megan Miller, 11459 Doles Rd., $193,000.

Glasser and Glasser to Secretary of Housing and Urban, 36243 Seacock Chapel, $188,938.40.

James A. and Tamara L. Malkin to Virginia Electric and Power Company, 9182 Doles Rd., $0.

Steven W. Perry to Virginia Electric and Power Company, 34232 Burnt Reed Rd., $0.

Trustee Services of Virginia to U.S. Bank Trust, 17516 Johnsons Mill Rd., $78744.62.

James E. Rainey to Arvin E. and Nora M. Quarters, 140 Beechwood Drive, $223,600.

Ryan Scott Properties to Roy C. and Susan H. Duke, P.O. Box 89, $0.

Claudette B. Jones to Daquan R. Clemons, 345 Thomas Street, $90,000.

Joe Stephens to Joe Stephens, 35189 Burdette Road, $0.

Morgan C. and Susann E. Duncan to Morgan C. Duncan, 220 Southampton Road, $0.

Virginia D. Britt to Lowery Wallmeyer, 117 Verna Street, $126,000.

Franklin City to Regina M. Jackson, 112 Langston Court, $127,824.

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban, 18019 Line Pine Road, $163,155.17.

Thomas Ell Rollins to Thomas Ell and Jones Ollins, 18215 Barrow Road, $0.

Jane C. Pulley to Robert H. Oulley, Jr, 9450 Doles Road, $80,000.

Jane C. Pulley to Jeffrey V. and Robert H. Pulley, 9450 Doles Road, $394,506.46.

John C. and Jo Anne Buchana to Jose A. Sanchez Lepe, 30086 Country Club Road, $193,000.

Delmar 13 LLC to Michael W. Parsons, 26273 Fox Branch Road, $220,000.

Hazel C. and Samuel S. Banks to Beverly and Powell Banks, P.O. Box 133, $0.

Jack Wilson Hundley to Michael J. and Kimberly K. Nash, 18084 Rosemont Road, $182,000.

Nehemiah Community Investment to Amanda L. Crumpler, 30112 Nottoway Lane, $27,500.

Harry L. Duplain to Raymond B. Darden, 20229 Meadow Brook Court, $150,000.

Wittstadt Title and Escrow Company to Deutsche Bank National Company, 22057 Medicine Springs Road, $242,353.15.

Paxton Construction Corporation to R. Edward Railey, P.O. Box 40, $20,000.

Barbara Jean Pond to Betty Pond Beale, 12023 Wakefield Road, $0.

Joe Nye Wiggins to Hunter Darden, III, 29232 Smiths Ferry Road, $42,500.

Joe Nye Wiggins to Daniel M. and Branda O. Edwards, 19311 Rosemont Road, $5,000.

E. Stanley and S. Monnett Holland to Philip and Natalie Jones, 29430 Smiths Ferry Road, $88,000.

Elizabeth Francis Hines to Walter J. Francis, 23081 Meadow Street, $0.

W. Michael Walker to Commonwealth of Virginia Department, Blackhead Signpost Road, $0.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Blackwater Investment Group, P.O. Box 497, $58,500.

Carter A. Smith to Carter A. Smith, Et Als, 26386 Drewry Road, $0.

William M. and Kim L. Boyette to John T.H. And Frances L.N. Germanos, 4608 Player Lane, $45,000.

K.C.S.C., Inc to Southampton County, 26022 Administration Center Drive, $0.

Herbert L., Jr, and Bonnie Hasty to Robbie Lee Hasty, 19528 Cross Keys Road, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban to Douglas Koehn, 30503 Camp Parkway, $32,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance to Gerald P. and Janet Lou Anderson, 29199 Delaware Road, $99,000.

Damian P. Dwyer, Et Als, to Lloyd David Taylor, Et Als, 30211 Statesville Road, $44,000.

Lewis C. and Glenda Lou Prince to Michael W. and Jamie L. Rhondes, 10688 New Road, $235,000.

Urban Financial of America to Mark Patterson, 16145 Cabin Pond Lane, $53,000.

Thomas Kevin and Catherine Pittman to Bronco Federal Credit Union, 135 Stewart Drive, $627,627.28.

Paige D. Cobb to Elizabeth Cobb Holliday, 14091 Davis Lane, $45,000.

Sherry L. Mitchell to PNC Mortgage, 30350 Smiths Ferry Road, $0