Does Designs By Sandra have to close?

Published 9:51 am Wednesday, November 12, 2014

To the Editor:

I was recently scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and read a post that really tugged at my heart. I read a post from Designs by Sandra in downtown Franklin. The Post began with this, “To my loyal customers and friends, you have probably heard the rumor that our shop is closing! Well, we are praying for a miracle to happen. With the economy like it is, gift shops are struggling to stay open. Our business is so much a part of my family…”

After reading the entire post, I really felt a strong desire to be a blessing to her family store. Designs by Sandra and other shops like hers give so much character to our community. She and other small business owners are our neighbors and our friends and they need our support in life and in business. I am also a small business owner, and I understand all of the pressures and costs of trying to successfully operate a business in such a struggling economy and in an age where you can basically buy anything from home. But when we all fail to help our neighbor and community thrive and send our money into somebody else’s community by buying online or out of town all of the time, this is the result.

If anyone reading this is wondering why Designs by Sandra and any other small business are closing, it is because it is not supported, and I am guilty of not always supporting locally as well. Many readers of Sandra’s post on Facebook seemed shocked and wished her well in her closing, but Sandra was humbly asking and praying for help from her friends and community.

Closing is clearly not her desire. I have already been to her store a couple of times in the past couple of weeks to support her by buying Christmas presents for family. Sandra’s needs a miracle and I plan on being part of her miracle and solution. So I am asking the hundreds and thousands of readers of this editorial, to go and spend some of your Christmas money at Designs by Sandra and be a part of her miracle.

Her store does NOT have to close. She just needs a lot of people to spend a little bit of money. Go buy a Tervis Tumbler or a Garden Flag. It doesn’t take much when a lot people are giving. If you live out of town, mail her a five or ten dollar bill and tell her to bless someone else with a discount.

We are very powerful, when we come together. I pray that Sandra’s miracle will happen and that you will join me in helping.

Designs by Sandra is located in Downtown Franklin at 111 N. Main St, Franklin, VA 23851. Contact Sandra at 757-562-6455.

Andrew Mattox