Local newspapers keep us informed

Published 10:38 am Saturday, November 8, 2014

To the Editor:

I was very glad to read your article (“The right to know,” Tony Clark, Nov. 2) in The Tidewater News. You expressed my very sentiments and hopefully the sentiments of those of us who live in Isle of Wight County, in my case southern Isle of Wight County.

I have always depended on The Tidewater News to keep myself informed on local news and happenings, including local government activities. After the recent attempt of Isle of Wight County to more or less take over our volunteer fire and emergency services, this news of ending the publication of legal notices in The Tidewater News and The Smithfield Times really stinks of another attempt by the county to circumvent citizen involvement in county government!

I know we live in a technology-driven environment, but I also believe there are many of us who still rely on our local newspapers to keep us informed on what is happening in our city and or counties. It is my hope that the county board of supervisors will once again take heed to those of us who contact them to voice our stern disapproval of this attempt to stop legal notices from being published in The Tidewater News and The Smithfield Times and to your excellent article, “The right to know.” Thank you!

Gale Duke