Virginia senator race not done

Published 10:01 am Friday, November 7, 2014

As of Thursday afternoon, neither Mark Warner (D) nor Ed Gillespie (R) have blinked in their close race for Virginia senator. Warner, the incumbent, has claimed victory, but Gillespie had not yet conceded.

Meanwhile, people of the 4th District made their choice clear on Tuesday by reelecting Congressman J. Randy Forbes (R).

“I am honored the people of the 4th District have chosen me to continue to represent them,” he said. “Now is the time for our country and our Commonwealth to pull together, and shift the focus from politics to partnering to create common sense policies that move our country forward. The coming days need to be about rolling up our sleeves and working together — as one nation — to address the challenges we face and do what is best for our country.”

He was challenged by newcomer Elliott Fausz (D), who acknowledged defeat on Wednesday in the following statement:

“This has been an amazing ride. I congratulate Congressman Forbes on his reelection. I was honored to help the people of this district bring meaningful issues to the forefront, and I believe the Congressman has heard them. We are stronger because of it. I wish him the best going forward.

“From the beginning we were the underdogs. But we had a lot of fight. This campaign was built on the strength an amazing staff and passionate volunteers who were driven by an unshakeable commitment to their communities, this Commonwealth and this great nation. I cannot thank them enough. They remind us that community involvement does not require a title, it only requires a purpose. I plan to stay involved in my community just as I was before the campaign.

“Right now, I look forward to taking my amazing wife Lyndsay on the honeymoon that we’ve postponed for far too long. She has been my motivation throughout the campaign, and I cannot begin to express my gratitude for her support and sacrifice.”

Locally, Southampton also favored the incumbent. County Registrar Peggy Davis said on Thursday that 3,228 residents voted for Forbes, while only 1,697 cast their ballots for Fausz; and 77 for Libertarian Bo C. Brown.

Gillespie got 2,594 votes to Warner’s 2,377; Libertarian Robert C. Sarvis got 88.

Southampton also said yes by 4,178 votes (616 said no) to an amendment to the Virginia Constitution.

The amendment will exempt spouses from taxation on real property, provided they make the home their principal residence and have not remarried.

Davis added that out of the 12,313 registered voters in Southampton County, only 5,097 people voted on Tuesday.

The registrar also said she was pleased by how well the election went locally. Her office had no provisional ballots for which to account, and maybe six photo IDs to process on Election Day. This was the first year that Virginians are legally required to present a picture identification when voting.

“I think everything really smooth,” Davis said.