Hunterdale Road project to finish on schedule

Published 5:00 pm Friday, November 7, 2014

Construction on Hunterdale Rd.

Construction on Hunterdale Rd.

As of this past Tuesday, the Virginia Department of Transportation is scheduled to be completed with the Hunterdale Road project by or before Nov. 14, which was the original deadline, said City Manager Randy Martin.

Martin also said that there will be traffic disruption starting soon, as the contractor repaves the intersection of Hunterdale Road, College Drive and Clay Street. Flagmen will be out as they work in phases to complete the project. Though Martin said they finished one phase on Friday morning. They will start at 3 a.m. Saturday to pave the intersection in hopes of completing it before people get going later that morning.

“It might interrupt some sleep in the area, but you have got to do one or the other,” Martin said. “They should be done before people are out on Saturday.”

Barring any inclement weather or new issues arising, after a walk through of the construction site, He said they should be done by the end of the week.

“This is great news if it happens,” Martin said. “I would like to commend the contractor and VDOT for picking up the pace over the last week or two and for extending their work schedule.

“I know the public has been ready for this to come to an end. We appreciate all of the patience that most people have exhibited.”

At this point, paving and painting remain. The work underground is complete, the curbs and gutters are mostly in place and the most of the work around manholes and driveways are complete, he said.

“We’ve got good weather scheduled, so we feel pretty good,” Martin said.

The project will be a big help to the area in not only an improved road and an improved intersection at Fairview Drive, but also because of the improvements to the water and sewage infrastructure to improve water pressure, he said.

The project’s aim was to widen the road by 10 feet and include a 4-foot wide multi-purpose walking/bike path. It stretches from Clay Street to the railroad crossing.

“It is going to be safer and improved,” Martin said. “Also the improved turing radius at Fairview and Hunterdale intersection due to the much improved turning lane will be nice for buses going to the high school.”

The project costs a total of $1.9 million, and of that, Franklin is paying $16,000. Additionally, Franklin is adding approximately $280,000 for water and sewer improvements.

Martin said there could be a few tweaks after the completion date, such as to the traffic lights, but it would be nothing to impede traffic.

The city also has been working on a few road projects of its own. Repaving projects are complete or near complete on North High Street from the cemetery to Fairview Drive; Artis Street; and where Hall Street intersects with Railroad Avenue.

In the spring, the city will pave a section of South Street near the new Love’s Travel Center.