Land Transfers

Published 9:29 am Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Isle of Wight County
Oct. 16-29

Michael Williamson to Stephen Williamson of 32482 Jenkins Mill Rd., Franklin, one-quarter interest of 183.76 acres, Hardy District, $23,000

Evelyn E. Munford to Michael Scott Doggett of 11553 Central Hill Rd., Windsor, Parcel A, 1.68 acres,  Hardy District, $10,000

Blake Ambrose to Raymond W. Dimond of 18511 Shady Pine Lane, Windsor, 5.93 acres, Shady Pine Lane, Newport District, $181,000

Moody H. Gardner Jr. to Neil G. Allen of 7921 Harvest Dr., Suffolk, 1.15 acres on Parcel A, Harvest Drive, Windsor District, $0

Robert G. Phillips to Theresa F. Chick of 15 Court St., Windsor, Parcel on Court Street, Windsor, $200,000

Carla L. Duck to Samuel H. Duck of 8394 Blackwater Rd., Windsor, Parcel on Route 603, Bostic Tracts, Windsor District, $0

Johnny A. Seidnitzer to Ernest T. Jump of 18496 Beale Place Drive, Zuni, Rossie David Property, 3.06 acres, $119,000

Patricia Brinkley to Phillip Trent Mayville of 27408 Honeysuckle Lane, Windsor, 2.347 acres at 27408 Honeysuckle Lane, Windsor District, $150,000

Geraldine P. Webster to Jane R. Yemington of 9198 Joyners Bridge Rd., Windsor, 1.194 acres, Lot 2B, Joyners Bridge Road, Windsor District, $236,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Christopher R. Prevatt, of 10448 Sylvia Circle, Windsor, Lot 9, Phase 2, Windsor Woods, Windsor, $220,000

Jason Charles Pulley to Diana Louise Pulley of 6936 Mill Creek Drive, Zuni, 6936 Mill Creek Drive, Zuni, $0

Vernon L. Everett Jr. to self of 11425 Plantation Rd., Ivor, 50 acres on Route 683 adjacent to Kirk Property, $0

Whitney G. Saunders, trustee for Roy D. Ruth of 22530 Thomas Woods Trail, Zuni, $137,000