Lady Broncos look to shake up Conference 41

Published 10:34 am Friday, October 31, 2014

Heading into post-season play, Head Coach Faith Hewett said she has been pleased with recent outings. They are currently 2-15, with one game left to go in the regular season against Greensville High School. The game was on Thursday, and it wrapped up after deadline.

“While some may see our record and think, ‘Gosh, 2 wins, that’s it?’ But we have come so far since our pre-season,” Hewett said. “My main goal for this season was progress, not perfection.”

Hewett said the coaches and players knew going in that this was going to be a rebuilding year, since the Lady Broncos program had to hit the reset button after the previous season.

“The girls and our coaching staff knew that it was going to be a challenging year since we were building literally from the ground up; however, we have proved a lot of people wrong and have been able to actually compete this year,” she said.

The Broncos will likely head into the Conference 41 tournament as the fourth or fifth seed out of six teams.

“If the team continues to play as well as they have the past month, we will be able to shake up our conference,” Hewett said.

Leading the team this year are senior Brianna Karmilovich, junior Josie Rankin and sophomore Catherine Brown.

“These three rarely ever leave the floor and touch the ball numerous times per game whether it be serving, setting, or hitting,” Hewett said. “Josie is our lead blocker and middle hitter for the season and Catherine is our leading server for the season. Brianna is our second setter, behind Catherine, however, most of the time when she gets the ball, she is able to make a smart play.”

The Conference 41 tournament will be at Appomattox Regional Governor’s School in Petersburg on Saturday, Nov. 8.