Vote out Warner

Published 9:32 am Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To the Editor:

After reading Mr. Railey’s letter espousing the accolades of incumbent Senator Mark Warner, I find myself looking for another emotion to relate to such opinions other than anger.

Senator Warner, a staunch liberal, has stood by the President and supported the ACA, [Affordable Care Act], which was a debacle at the outset, not only because the technology was flawed, but also because it is virtually destroying the middle class. Senator Warner also supported the President on borrowing the funds to plunge this country into a deficit that even the next generation of Americans will not be able to overcome. The country’s credit rating has been reduced, and China owns more of America than the Americans do.

Giving credit where it is due, Senator Warner has made these positions public, and unlike many of his Democratic colleagues, it can’t be said that he is one of the rats escaping the proverbial sinking ship. Just how any thinking individual allows himself to be duped by a President whose background qualifications consist of being a community organizer, fund raiser and law professor is beyond me.

Referring to the initial paragraph regarding emotions, I can safely say that the alternative to anger in this case is pity. So now, instead of becoming upset by the different statements Liberals make, I merely feel sorry for them. In addition, it keeps the blood pressure lower.

Paul W. Simmons