Reelecting Mark Warner in everyone’s best interests

Published 9:17 am Friday, October 24, 2014

To the Editor:

Senator Mark Warner’s campaign for re-election offers Virginia voters a chance to send back to the Senate a truly great United States Senator. In every aspect of his life, Sen. Warner has distinguished himself. He has phenomenal experience as a red-blooded American capitalist, as a great Virginia governor who, among other things, found common ground to work through and solve Virginia’s budgetary problems during the 2002 recession, and still moved our state forward in its preservation of our natural resources and in finding jobs for Virginians, and as a United States Senator capable of unique leadership by finding common ground in the resolution of the problems facing America.

It speaks volumes about the weakness of his opponent, who overwhelmingly centers his campaign by criticizing our senator for supporting the Affordable Care Act.

As one may predict, our senator’s opponent is quick to criticize our senator’s support of the Affordable Care Act, but unable to offer a realistic alternative.

To me, there is no choice. It is in the best interest of Virginia, America and this planet to re-elect Senator Mark Warner.

Richard E. Railey Jr.