Support for P3

Published 9:16 am Wednesday, October 22, 2014

To the Editor:

As a part of a community that has been struck with so many hardships over the years, I am truly encouraged as it continues to stand resilient nonetheless. I am a student in a scholastic project that embodies the effort to increase recycling, Project Pollution Prevention (P3). The challenge has been fiercely met, head on.

At first skeptical of our capabilities to instill such an unpracticed aspect of lifestyle upon others, we were pleasantly taken aback by the instantaneous support we received from the fellow members of our city. Not to say that many did not meet the proposal to ‘Go Green’ with hesitance, pointing out its inconveniences and difficulties with much needed, and expected, concerns. These including bin locations and aesthetics, convenience of collection, and prevalently: finances.

All ultimately supported the ulterior motive to recycle, improve their community’s ecosystem, and potentially lower their utility bills. So upon meeting with City Council members and making proposal upon proposal, brainstorming, and collaborating within restraints, the minor inhibitions had been sorted and resolved. Thus we saw the effort take full effect.

Many downtown businesses came directly to us to receive recycling bins we were providing for their establishments, some of the same who had supported us prior while we collected data through surveys distributed, when they could have looked upon our endeavors abash.

At the Franklin Fall Festival, we saw our community interact excitedly with our booth and make meaningful inquisitions about our project. Now, in the midst of the action, with bins soon to be found near every nook of our historic downtown, we want to give this community our token of appreciation. Without its open mindedness, flexibility, acceptance and more than anything-support, this could not be possible. Many things have been said about Franklin, Va., so let this be heard, too.

Let it be known that within the small city where it may have once been speculated that ‘not much goes on’, things are indeed, going on. This community and its people are making things happen. And together, we are bringing positive change.

Cindy Mitrovic – P3
Franklin City Public Schools