Mark Warner a disappointment as senator

Published 10:26 am Friday, October 17, 2014

To the Editor:

Having voted for Mark Warner as Senator after his doing decent job as Governor, I can express my disappointment in him as Senator. Just another partisan politician in the same cut of cloth as Harry Reid and Pres. [Barack] Obama, competently incompetent.

With our nation facing chaos in the world and at home, the great Senate debating institution does next to nothing by having hundreds of bills gathering dust on Reid’s desk. Warner, not an objectional peep….while getting $180,000 for doing nothing.

Economy is sinking under the mounting $17,000,000,000,000+ debt, while Fed buys 90 percent of our “own” bonds! Fiscal suicide in the making, I submit. From Warner, not a constructive peep, again.

Warner voted for the unaffordable Affordable Care Act in step with [Nancy] Pelosi and Reid, not having read it either. Warner voted against our dedicated military getting what amounted to a “cost-of-living increase, then said he “goofed.” Really! Claiming to work across the aisle…a laugh w/nothing substantial to show for it while our healthcare system is degraded.

Warner’s 97 percent support of the Liar…Law-breaker…Demagoguer…Race-baiter…Class-warfare promoter…Gun-runner…Illegal foreigner welcomer…In-Chief is shameful. Warner’s showing lack of principles in face of this travesty taking place in our White House is a blot on the leadership Virginians have brought to our USA since implementation of our Declaration.

Change is called for PDQ.

Representative [Randy] Forbes and his colleagues will work well w/Ed Gillespie, and he w/ them…for the good of all Virginians and citizens of our USA.

Vote on 4 Nov. like our nation’s future is at stake. It is, more than ever.

Herb DeGroft