No room for debate: Forbes doesn’t respond to challenger’s requests

Published 9:39 am Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Elliott Fausz issued a statement in response to two recent newspaper articles looking into the debate requests that the Virginia Fourth district challenger had sent Incumbent Randy Forbes.

Fausz said this lack of response reveals the single most critical failure in Congressman Forbes’ tenure: his failure to answer to the public.

“By avoiding any substantive debate or discussion on important issues that impact his district, Randy Forbes hopes his extreme voting record will go unnoticed,” Fausz said.

Meanwhile, Hailey Sadler, campaign spokesperson for Forbes, said the debate is still being considered.

“Our office is currently considering Mr. Fausz’ request in the context of the time constraints of the congressman’s already booked calendar, which prioritizes listening to constituents and meeting with local officials, community leaders and small businesses,” she said.

Fausz said Forbes won’t debate him because some questions will be tough.

“He wants the obstruction he’s created in Washington to be ignored,” Fausz said. “He hopes his constituents won’t see that he’s been voting against their interests for the past 13 years simply to please his corporate sponsors.

“It’s unfortunate that we have a congressman who refuses to answer to the very people who put him in office,” Fausz continued. “These are not the principles upon which America was founded. In the United States, we’ve always prided ourselves on welcoming open discussion and debate. Apparently Randy Forbes missed that memo, which is truly a shame.”