You’re being ripped off

Published 11:07 am Friday, October 3, 2014

To the Editor:

I’m sure most Americans know this already, but if you have not noticed you’re being RIPPED OFF at the grocery store. Not only are items continually going up in price, but you’re also getting less product.

Here are some examples I have noticed. V8 in the single-serve can once was 6 ounces, now 5.5. If those cold brewskies you’ve been drinking out of the bottle all these years seem to be getting smaller, it’s because they are. Some bottled beer now is 11.2 instead of 12 ounces. Cookies are a joke. They once were the size of a Pringles top, now they are the size of a silver dollar. Oh, and speaking of Pringles, you know their whole thing was chips in a can and no crumbs. Well the can is the same size but the chips now are thinner and skinnier so they do not fit in the can tight. So now you get less chips AND more crumbs.

We bought our usual Farm Fresh brand frozen pizza the other day and yep, miraculously it now is smaller. Look at a box of Ritz crackers, notice anything? Yep, the box is not as tall as it once was and so also are the stacks inside shorter.

I could name other items but you get the idea, but I got to tell you one more that really flipped me out and that was Vienna Sausages. You know how you always had to mess one up to get the rest out cause they were packed so tight in the can? Well, now all you got to do turn the can upside down and they will tumble right out. Or you can now actually use your fingers. Do manufacturers think we do not notice?

I don’t know about you, but when I want a cookie I want a real people-size cookie, not a Barbie Doll cookie. So there you have it, and I think it’s also funny that even though we are getting less, we are getting bigger! That’s weird!

Jeff Turner