S.P. Morton welcomes assistant principal

Published 1:49 pm Saturday, September 27, 2014

Teri Pittman, right, leads a group of teachers during the community bus tour.  -- CAIN MADDEN | THE TIDEWATER NEWS

Teri Pittman, right, leads a group of teachers during the community bus tour. — CAIN MADDEN | THE TIDEWATER NEWS

Teri Pittman was excited to begin the new school year, and none of that has changed.

The new assistant principal at S.P. Morton Elementary School brings a wealth of experience from the elementary level, most recently from the Suffolk City School Division at Hillpoint Elementary School.

There, she was the grade-level chairperson for the second grade, the data team coordinator, she was on the school’s leadership team and was a parent-teacher liaison.

“I played an active role in the community,” she said. “I played an active role in talking to parents and bringing them into the building to help support staff and teachers.

“I’m ready to come into S.P. Morton and help turn the school around.”

This being a small community is what attracted her to SPM.

“I just love the closeness of the community,” Pittman said. “I felt the need here, and knowing that this is a smaller community, I feel that with my skills and capabilities, that I am going to be able to go in and have a positive impact.”

One of the things that made her want to do education, being a people person, is also part of what makes her think she will be successful.

“I am definitely a person who likes talking to people, and I feel like I have that rapport with students,” she said. “I love kids, and I love talking to my parents. I love the feeling of closeness that provides.”

In her 12 years of teaching, she has taught the gauntlet from grades kindergarten through fifth grade.

“I have experience with the Virginia Standards of Learning,” she said. “I have a wealth of knowledge in reading and math, as well as other content areas. I’m just excited to work here.”’

When she started at Hillpoint, it was a new school.

“I was one of the teachers who helped bring it up,” she said. “I am excited to be able to reach all of the students, and I know they will be successful. We will meet the mission of S.P. Morton.”

SPM Principal Jason Chandler said he was excited to have her on board.

“She has a lot of experience in school improvement,” he said. “She headed up the data team at her last school, and is very proficient in deciphering and understanding data. And that’s important.”

On top of having a mind for the data, Chandler said she’s also good with people.

“She’s definitely easy-going,” he said. “She is really easy to get along with and the teachers are in love with her. She’s already a great addition.

“She is a veteran teacher, and she is extremely intelligent. I am happy to have such an experienced elementary school administrator here. She brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to us here at S.P. Morton.”