Broncos come out strong in win

Published 9:46 am Saturday, September 20, 2014

CHARLES CITY-Franklin High School and Charles City High School decided to get in a first quarter shootout, with the Broncos coming out ahead by 16, as the VHSL Division 1A non-conference foes put up 48 total points in the first 12 minutes of the game. Franklin would settle down in a way — giving up 16 points the rest of the game, while the Panthers allowed the Broncos to put up 32 more in the 64-32 FHS win.

A total of 45 first downs were earned during this game, and the punters may as well have not suited up, as Charles City’s Michael Callahan had the lone punt of the evening. The Broncos had 462 yards on the ground compared to the Panther’s 200 total yards.

An even bigger number in this game for the Broncos was tackles for loss. They had 11 of them for -68 yards and 2 sacks for -22 yards.

“It was a great game tonight,” Head Coach Darren Parker said. “We executed in all four phases — coaching, offense, defense and special teams.

“Everybody rallied tonight together, and we played great total football game. I’m very proud of our kids, and I’m also proud of our coaches.”

Javonte Baker led the Broncos in rushing with 181 yards gained over 13 runs. Baker also contributed two touchdowns, one in the 1st quarter with 1 minute left on the clock and the second was the lone score of the 2nd quarter with 3:30 left in the half.

Quayshawn Jefferson and Tyree Jones had 74 yards rushing and 71 yards rushing, respectively. Jones did it over 6 rushes, while Jefferson had 8. Jones toted the rock into the end zone twice, one in the 1st quarter and the second in the 3rd.

Corey Porter, who rushed the ball 9 times for 30 yards, had 1 first quarter touchdown.

Lower string backs Markeen Tyler and Quentin Lowe rounded out scoring for Franklin. Tyler had two 3rd quarter touchdowns and Lowe recorded a score in the 4th quarter.

Franklin was 6 for 8 on 2-point conversions.

Porter and Kalil Thomas led the team in tackles with 5 each, while Jack Sykes was credited for earning the team the most plays for losses, with a tackle pushing the Panthers back 4 yards and a sack on quarterback Troy Crawley setting Charles City back 13 yards.

Several Broncos combined on 4 tackles to push the Panthers back a total of 45 yards.

“We just need to keep rolling and play Bronco football,” Parker said. “As always, God is good.”