Bring 460 issue to a close

Published 9:25 am Wednesday, September 3, 2014

To the Editor:

C’mon Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors, give up on the 460 re-route issue! The Virginia Commonwealth and VDOT already blew through $300 million dollars of OUR money. Do you really think we’re going to get something better if we throw more money at it? Ever heard the phrase “throwing good money after bad?”

Dee Dee Darden ran on the platform of being against the 460 reroute, and I voted for her because of that. After elected, she said she couldn’t do anything about it; I guess it was too hard to do her job. Now she is their biggest proponent! As one of the citizens said in the VDOT town meeting in Ivor, “remember that you work for us.”

The board is even looking at ways to rewrap the issue, to get them out of the hole that they have dug themselves into. Keep digging, and Isle of Wight County will really be broke.

What happens when these people get into these elected positions? Look what is happening to former Gov. Bob McDonnell, the dictator governor who also pushed the 460 agenda through.

I want to urge everyone to wake up to this issue, and the money our commonwealth has wasted. Fix the existing Route 460, or do nothing! Do you really want to trust VDOT with any more of our money? They did such a good job spending the first $300 million, ignoring wetland issues and getting nothing.

I can attest that I drive down Route 460 every day, to and from work, and there is no traffic. A few more trucks aren’t going to matter; add turn lanes and widen the lanes where they can, with no impact to houses or businesses, so trucks can pass each other more easily.

Protect the wetlands that filter our water, and ensure our survival. Most of all, stop threatening our citizens of taking their land, breaking up their farms, or running a highway through, or in front of, their house. Bring this issue to closure.

Sherri McMillion