New design to unveil on Sept. 3

Published 11:34 am Saturday, August 30, 2014

When you pick up your next edition of The Tidewater News, it might look a little different.

Some things are going to stay the same. For example, the iconic banner atop the front page with The Tidewater News in an Old English font and the American flag waving in the background is going to stay the same. And you can still look for most of your favorite content in the same place it has always been.

But, in revamping our design, we did change some things that we hope will your make the reading experience better.

We’re adding cleaner fonts for the headlines, so that it’s easier to look around the page and see what of interest to you is going on. The main headline fonts are larger, so you’ll more easily be able to know what is our top story for the day. We also pulled out datelines above the stories. Datelines contain where a story is taking place, be it Franklin, Windsor or wherever, so you’ll have a quicker idea of what interests you geographically.

The rail, the column of information that used to go all the way down the left side of the front page, will move to the bottom of page one. It’ll still have the Best Bet, What’s Inside and obituary information, but we’ve condensed it to make more room for the stories that interest you the most.

Speaking of removing the rail, having extra space up top will also allow us to do special designs when the story warrants it.

The poll has also found a new home and is moving to the bottom of page 2, the Opinion page. Its look was revamped, as was that of the entire page, and it should look a lot cleaner and be easier to read.

In addition to the Opinion page, we have made small changes to all of our section section fronts and specialty pages, as the font and look of the descriptor items up top were changed to look cleaner.

Other details will also change slightly, but for the most part, it’s going to be subtle changes that will hopefully enhance the experience.

We certainly hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to any feedback you may have, good or bad. You can contact us at 562-3187 or at