Armory Drive Cinemas hit for copper wiring

Published 10:38 am Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FRANKLIN—A patrol officer was driving behind the former Armory Drive Cinemas building at 5 a.m. Monday, and he saw two people near the backdoor, said Capt. Tim Whitt, spokesperson for the Franklin Police Department. When the officer shined his spotlight, the two ran back inside before he could get a good description.

Backup was called to watch the building, Whitt said, but only having three officers immediately on scene, the on-duty officers could just watch the doors. More support arrived approximately 15 minutes later, but the suspects had reportedly already escaped through a hatch in the roof with copper wiring from the cinema.

Police entered the building when backup arrived. Support included Southampton County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Virginia State Police troopers and members of Franklin Fire and Rescue. Whitt said not knowing if the suspects were armed or not, they had to wait to make entry in as safe a manner as possible.

Officers searched the cinema and neighboring buildings that the suspects could have entered through the roof, but were unable to locate them, Whitt said.

Whitt said that the suspects likely entered through the backdoor, which had been pried open. Nothing other than copper wiring was missing, and none of the other buildings appeared to have been entered, Whitt said.

Anyone with information can call the Franklin Police Department at 562-8575 or anonymously at Franklin Crime Solvers at 562-8599.