Work on Hunterdale Road is a disturbing inconvenience

Published 12:02 pm Saturday, August 16, 2014


I have been waiting for some time now to see a letter of complaint regarding the horrible rerouting of traffic between Clay Street and the railroad tracks on Hunterdale Road. When I ask around everyone seems perturbed by the inconvenience. I am sure the folks on Old Sedley Road, Crescent Drive, Forest Pines Apartments, and Homestead Road are tired of the continual traffic moving through their neighborhood. The Delaware Road to Southampton Parkway route adds well over a mile each way to those choosing that path.

I have yet to understand what they are doing over there and why they couldn’t do one lane at a time and let traffic pass through possibly using a flagman on each end of the construction. There have been many days in a row since this project has been going on when I would see absolutely no work being done during the daytime.

Not being a City of Franklin resident I imagine my concerns will fall on deaf ears, but Hunterdale/Sedley/Black Creek area residents are being grossly inconvenienced. I find myself shopping more and more at out-of-town stores and less and less at the Armory Drive businesses. Thank heavens I can still get gas at Duck-Thru in Hunterdale without having to go through the maze getting to Armory Drive!

Judi Cosby
Southampton County resident