Windsor to ask for input on sidewalk issue

Published 12:44 pm Saturday, August 16, 2014


WINDSOR—An issue brought before the Windsor Town Council on Tuesday may result in the town applying for an eminent domain construction easement under a provision in the State Code, in order to complete the installation of sidewalks on North Court Street.

Isle of Wight County is installing sidewalks from where they end in town to the ball fields just north of town, said Town Manager Michael Stallings.

However, the project cannot be completed without a temporary easement from a landowner who does not want to cooperate, he added.

“This easement would be used only for small work tools as the workers pour the cement and would revert to the owner once the work is finished. All sidewalk construction to date — and until the project is completed — will be done in the current VDOT right-of-way.”

Stallings said council will have a public hearing at its September meeting to hear comments on whether or not to proceed with the application, adding that this procedure must be done by the town and not the county because the work in question is inside the town limits.

In another matter, the Windsor Planning Commission reported that it had met with all four owners of Windsor’s Mobile Home Parks and council to discuss time constraints on homes placed in the parks.

It is illegal to place any home older than 10 years in any of the parks. But it was recommended that this restriction be changed to allow homes up to 15 years in age to be placed in the parks.

Stallings said a public hearing to hear comments on this issue will be held as well.