Be mindful of your pets

Published 10:03 am Friday, August 8, 2014

Just as we all are supposed to be stewards of the earth, so too are we all caretakers of the animals with whom we are supposed to share the world. We’ve recently been reminded to remind you of that fact. For example, no matter how smart your cat or dog may be, they cannot readily open the cans or packets of food made for them. And unless there are built-in doors within doors for them to easily move in and out of the house, the animals cannot turn doorknobs and let themselves out for a walk.

From time to time, we hear of people accused of related neglect. Sometimes there’s proven malice, but most times it seems to result from ignorance of how to properly care for dogs and cats. Those of you with pets of your own know that they require considerable attention. This means not just for their physical needs, but also affection, companionship and training.

Not everyone is suited to care for animals, no matter how attractive the idea might seem. So think long and hard about whether or not having a cat or dog in your life now would be right for both of you. This could spare both of you problems and heartache later.