Newsoms deserved to be recognized in FYI

Published 11:51 am Saturday, August 2, 2014

Editor’s Note: Newsoms was in Western Tidewater FYI Guide, however, the markers were not placed and it was included under a different town. In Friday’s Aug. 1 edition, The Tidewater News staff apologized for this issue as an editorial.


Can you (and the general public) answer these questions?

1. How many officers make up the Newsoms Police Force?

2. What past Newsoms citizen was honored in the Sports Hall of Fame?

3. Can you name three of the more than six churches in Newsoms?

4. Who was Herbert L. Duff?

5. Who is the current president of the Newsoms Ruritan Club?

6. Who now resides in “Cedar View,” the oldest house built in Newsoms in 1810?

7. True or False: The town store, Drake’s Shopping Mart, has been closed just one day in 44 years.

8. What famous Civil War General’s home is now occupied and located in the Newsoms area?

Feeling stumped? You will continue to be stumped because in spite of the fact that it was not in the recent Western Tidewater 2014-2015 Information Guide, one cannot find the answers there.

FYI. Newsoms town was deeded in 1757, was incorporated in 1946, and currently has a population of 280. There are many old homes still being occupied which were built before 1818.

The town has a mayor, town council, town hall, a police force, six churches, a post office, and a very good elementary school. It also has an active Ruritan Club that has won many Gold Star awards for community service for the past 10 years.

We, the Newsoms area people, hope you will acknowledge our town in your next issue!

Betty W. Darden and Carol D. Majors