New deputy administrator loves working where she grew up

Published 12:02 pm Saturday, August 2, 2014

Merle Monahan/Contributing Writer

FRANKLIN—When Lynette Lowe, the new deputy administrator and chief financial officer of Southampton County, graduated from the University of Virginia and returned to the area in which she grew up to live and work, some people asked her why.



“They said opportunities are better elsewhere,” she said.

“But I told them that it was because my family and friends are here and there is no other place I’d rather be.

“Besides, I love the place,” she offered with a smile.

Lowe does indeed have a passion for Southampton County.

“It offers everything anyone could want,” she said. “All people have to do is reach out.

“For instance, I’ve had three rewarding jobs since college and I wouldn’t take anything for the experience I’ve gained.”

Born and raised in the Black Creek-Hunterdale area, Lowe grew up next door to her Uncle Richard’s farm.

“My brother and I had so much fun there,” she said. “My aunt Lucille would hitch Billy Boy up to his little pony cart and we would ride all around the yard. It was wonderful.”

Growing up as she did, Lowe considers herself a farm girl. Even now she lives about a mile from where she grew up. In fact, she and her daughter, Brittney, have their own horses, although she doesn’t ride much since she broke her leg.

“It was a freak accident,” she said. “I was riding my horse when a swarm of bugs started biting her. The horse started jerking and moving her head around and I was thrown off.

“It was not my horse’s fault though. It just happened.”

Lowe, 47, attended Franklin High School and graduated from UVA in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a concentration in accounting. Her first job was with an accounting firm, Britt and Peake, in Franklin, where she stayed for five years.

She then moved to the Deerfield Correctional Farm’s business office, where she stayed 16 years.

It was in 2010 when she joined the county’s financial department and her promotion to deputy administrator/chief financial officer came in early 2014.

She said her duties include assisting with the annual budget and the annual audit, two of the administrator’s greatest responsibilities, as well as assisting the administrator whenever it is needed.

“I was already in the financial office,” she said, “and the thinking was, if Mike (Johnson) was ever unavailable, there would be someone here who knew something about the budget.”

Lowe’s duties also include working with the county’s mayors and assisting them when needed.

“I love my job,” she said. “It is a wonderful learning experience. And the people here are so great to work with.”

Although Lowe’s duties keep her busy, she is fortunate in that she and her husband, Kenny, are able to spend some time at their mobile home at the Refuge on Roanoke Island.

“We both love the outdoors and it is so quiet and peaceful there,” she said. “I enjoy it so much, even when the weather is cooler.

“I also enjoy coming back home, though. There is no place like it”

NAME: Lynette Cutchins Lowe.
AGE: 47.
WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO THIS AREA: I was born and raised here.
OCCUPATION: I am the Deputy Administrator/Chief Financial Officer for Southampton County.
HOMETOWN: Franklin.
MARITAL STATUS: I have been married to Kenny Lowe for 25 years.
CHILDREN, SCHOOLS AND AGES: We have a daughter, Brittney, 21, who is an LPN who works at Deerfield Correctional Center and volunteers a firefighter and EMT.
FAVORITE NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN: I love to visit mom and dad for dad’s grilled steak, squash and a baked sweet potato.
FAVORITE FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Steak and a “cold” Diet Coke.
FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Any Italian Restaurant.
WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU: I love people and get along very well with them.
PETS: We have several dogs, but are partial to five. They are a boxer named Max, a yellow lab named Cody, a black lab named Allie, a Mountain Feist named Carly and a Mountain Feist named Daizy Mae.
WHAT IS YOUR WORST HABIT: I multi-task, or try to do too many things at once.
FAVORITE HOBBIE: I used to love to ride my horse until I fell and broke my leg. Now we just walk together.
PET PEEVE: People who say they are going to do something and then don’t.
HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED: As a good friend and a good listener.
IF YOU HAD 10 MINUTES ON NATIONAL TELEVISION, WHAT WOULD YOUR TOPIC BE AND WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: I would stress the importance of supporting our first responders, volunteer fire departments and rescue squads. Many people don’t realize that these volunteers are risking their lives to help others because they want to. They leave their families for a job that offers no pay; as a matter of fact, many times they pay for their own training. There is no telling how many lives and property they have saved just because they care.