With apologies

Published 9:49 am Friday, August 1, 2014

Branchville, Newsoms and Sedley, we at The Tidewater News owe you a big apology in regard to the Western Tidewater FYI.

This year, we wanted to add historical information on Franklin and the Southampton County towns to the FYI guide. Unfortunately, in doing so, we created three sins in leaving out Branchville and Sedley, and not correctly marking where Newsoms was on the page, which is essentially leaving it out as it is buried under the information of a different town.

Those towns are very important to us at The Tidewater News. We do our best to get to them as often as possible, and they are wonderful communities with very kind people. They should have been in Western Tidewater FYI, and there is no excuse good enough as to why they were not.

So with admitting this mistake, we would also like to offer our most sincere apologies to the people of Branchville, Newsoms and Sedley, and we can promise that those towns will have historical write-ups in the next one.