PDCCC launches new practical nursing program in Franklin beginning fall semester

Published 10:58 am Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wendy Harrison/College Relations

FRANKLIN—Although the Southampton Memorial Hospital School of Practical Nursing will graduate its last class of 14 students in September, the program will still be offered at Paul D. Camp Community College. The new Practical Nursing Program at PDCCC gets underway this fall. This opportunity is the result of community collaboration between the college, Southampton Memorial Hospital and Franklin City Public Schools.

“This collaboration will honor and continue the legacy of practical nursing education in Franklin,” said PDCCC’s Vice President of Academic and Student Development Dr. Tara Atkins-Brady.

In addition, the partnership will allow students with financial needs to enroll so that they may attain their educational goals.

“Qualified students will be able to take full advantage of financial aid and scholarships, and will be able to transfer credits to other institutions,” said Stephanie Lockhart, lead faculty for the PN program on the Franklin Campus. “Graduating students will be able to transition to the RN Program at PDCCC more seamlessly as well.”

The Southampton Memorial Hospital School of Practical Nursing was established in 1964 to fulfill the hospital’s need of Licensed Practical Nurses at its new facility. It was co-sponsored by the hospital, Franklin City Public Schools and Southampton County Public schools.

However, changing financial issues and many discussions led to the consensus that the community college should take lead on managing the program.

During the fall semester at PDCCC, the hospital will continue to provide the training facilities for clinical experience and Franklin City Public Schools will continue to provide one of the instructors.

“We are excited about this partnership,” said PDCCC President Paul Wm. Conco. “The College will be able to fill a gap in educational and employment opportunities in our region. The Practical Nursing certificate is a good match for Paul D. Camp Community College’s mission of providing education and employment training to the community.”

Southampton Memorial Hospital Interim CEO Kim Marks said, “We are so pleased to be part of this community initiative to continue a much-needed program in the area. We have had a long standing partnership with Franklin schools and Paul D. Camp Community College with its Registered Nursing Program, so we are more than happy to continue to work as we always have with both schools.”

PDCCC has offered its Registered Nursing Program since 2004 and will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in October. In December 2012, Franklin Southampton Charities provided funds to support the pursuit of the PN program on the PDCCC Franklin Campus.

“Paul D. Camp Community College affords its students many educational opportunities,” said Edna King, chairman of the Franklin City Public School Board. “We want our graduating students to continue their education and have affordable options in which to do so.”

Applicants for the class of 2015 are now being accepted, with classes beginning Aug. 20.

“We look forward to graduating students who will join almost 600 practical nursing program alumni who have provided nursing care in our community,” said Vice President for Institutional Advancement Felicia Blow; her office oversees alumni relations for the college.

The Certificate in Practical Nursing is for students who aspire to become licensed practical nurses and requires three semesters of study. Those who pass the required test from the Virginia Board of Nursing are then referred to as LPN — licensed practical nurses. For more information, email Lockhart at slockhart@pdc.edu. To obtain an application, call Carol Griffin at 569-6731.