P3 shows people acting consistently on a problem

Published 10:33 am Friday, July 18, 2014

P3 students:

I commend you on your excellent article titled “Franklin Students Impact ‘Ocean Soup,’” which appeared in The Tidewater News July 12.

More than that, however, I commend you on your outstanding accomplishments underway through your P3 (Project Pollution Prevention) project.

It is so refreshing to see examples of citizens who act constructively on their concerns, rather than just remaining silent—or just complaining.

P3 represents the kind of innovative problem-solving design coupled with meaningful work and follow-through that made our nation great.

If our communities and our nation are to remain great, it will due to efforts such as yours in all areas of our society.

Thank you for what you are doing in our community. You make us proud!

Howie Soucek