Three cheers for those who helped during storm

Published 10:40 am Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hooray for the Southampton Sheriff’s Department!

Hooray for the Dominion Virginia Power men!

Hooray for many friends and family members!

The storm that ripped through Capron and vicinity last Thursday brought out the very best in the hearts and minds of the community. And, praise God, there was no loss of life or serious bodily injuries.

Sheriff [J.B.] Stutts and his deputies were doing their all to restore some semblance of order after the storm with chainsaws and muscle while the rain poured down. So, let’s show our thanks and respect for these brave people even if they give us a ticket for speeding on 58.

The men of Dominion Power worked tirelessly throughout the evening and night to restore our electricity! It should almost make us happy to pay our county taxes and our electric bills.

Our friends and family members: hug them, bake them a pie, do anything to help them.

The example of love and caring has been set before us.

Kilby Hodges