Deerfield getting new health care provider

Published 9:27 pm Friday, July 11, 2014

CAPRON—The Deerfield Correctional Center is among 17 such facilities in Virginia getting a new health care service for its inmates on an interim basis starting this fall.

The Virginia Department of Corrections has announced that Armor Correctional Health Services Inc., would take over for Corizon Health Inc., which ended its contract in early June, according to a press release just released earlier this week. That company, which had reportedly started in May of last year, offered no specifics for leaving.

“Corizon made a business decision to end the contract, based on a variety of factors,” said spokeswoman Susan Morgenstern. She also confirmed that the contract base was for $76.5 million.

Armor begins its contract on Wednesday, Oct. 1. The price will be $81.8 million annually based on the April 2014 average daily population numbers. The company, based in Miami, Florida, will provide for 15,000 people at the state correctional centers until a new long-term contract is established after a bidding process.

On its website, Armor announced that it was looking forward to returning to VADOC. The company had started working for the agency at three sites in 2006, and was up to nine by 2012. When a request for proposals was made that year to service for all 17 locations, Armor lost out to Corizon, which brought in a much lower bid.

The other local facilities affected are the Deerfield work centers and the Southampton Men’s Detention Center.