Warner helped keep state from losing jobs

Published 10:15 am Wednesday, July 9, 2014


In 2011 the Hampton Roads area and the state of Virginia would have possibly faced economic disaster had the plan of the U.S. Joint Force Command gone forth. The result of this proposed plan would have resulted in the loss of over 2000 jobs to our area and the state.

Due to the persistence, hard work and non-partisan efforts of Sen. Mark Warner, who partnered with Republican Governor Bob McConnell, our state was spared this fate. I am grateful because without a willingness to cooperate with others, many of our fellow Hampton Roads residents and others would have been at risk of losing their jobs.

Sen. Warner has continued to keep his promise to our region consistently working with whomever he needs to in order to bring jobs to our area. Just recently he worked with the Navy to help obtain a $17.6 billion contract to build 10 new submarines in Newport News.

I will vote for Mark Warner in the fall because I support his results-oriented approach and cooperative efforts for Virginia. I only wish more senators were like him.

Yvonne Rose