Forbes fighting to enforce immigration laws

Published 10:35 am Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Until recently, many of us believed that illegal immigration was a problem confined to our border states, but the recent influx of undocumented children into our country has dispelled this common misconception. Reuters projects that more than 60,000 of these children will stream across the border in 2014, and their numbers already have become so great that the Federal government considered sheltering 500 of these young immigrants at the former St. Paul’s College campus in central Virginia.

This sad situation is a direct result of the Obama Administration’s refusal to enforce our current immigration laws. Fortunately Congressman Forbes is fighting back. From the beginning of his time in Congress, he has taken a strong stance against amnesty and has taken real action to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants. To this end, he has fought border station closings and worked to strengthen our Federal immigration laws. In addition, he has supported legislation that will allow state law enforcement officers to step in when the Federal government fails to secure their borders.

While our administration has dropped the ball on immigration, I am confident that Randy will continue to work for a real solution to this growing problem.

Timothy C. Bradshaw
President & CEO, Insercorp LTD