Isle of Wight County blackmails Carrsville Volunteer Fire Department

Published 11:02 am Saturday, June 28, 2014


IOW keeps asking the people for more and more taxes and now they want the titles to the Carrsville fire trucks or they will stop any funding from the county. That’s blackmail.

To make matters worse, IOW wants to eliminate our rescue squad and pay Franklin $144,000 for the service and to make matters even worse, our elected official Rex Alphin for the Carrsville district has turned his back on the people that elected him and took sides with the county against the people and our hard-working volunteers who earned all of the fire trucks paid for by the people and fundraisers not the county. We the people of the Carrsville area are tired of this out-of-control spending in the county raising our taxes on a regular basis instead of making wise cuts to the budget and Rex goes along with it. It’s past time for him to be voted out in favor of someone who can say NO to the board and YES to the people that are represented. We need our trucks and our rescue squad here, not distributed around the county and give us the junk that is left over. We are tired of paying more and getting less and less for our money.

Mark Whaley