Forbes is looking out for our interests

Published 10:05 am Friday, June 6, 2014

To the Editor:

RE: IP’s Franklin Mill receives highest award from Port of Virginia.

I was pleased to read that the Franklin Mill is up and running and likely to bring new jobs and opportunities to this area. I also was struck by the role that the Port of Virginia played in promoting investment in the mill.

Because Franklin is many miles from the hub, we often forget that our connection to the port is essential to local economic development.

The Port currently processes more than 66,000 metric tons of cargo per year and moves 62 percent of that cargo by truck.

Congressman Randy Forbes recognizes our region’s potential and has taken the lead in preparing our port and roads for the expansion of the Panama Canal. He has joined with three of his fellow representatives to establish the Panama Canal Caucus, a body that will track canal expansion and develop a national freight plan to maximize its benefits for our nation’s ports.

This project has enormous potential for our area, and I’m glad that Congressman Forbes is looking out for our interests here at home.

Anita Felts