Food Bank told to relocate distribution from Forest Pine Apts.

Published 10:33 am Friday, June 6, 2014

FRANKLIN—Due to traffic issues resulting from the construction on Hunterdale Road, the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia was asked to move its Franklin distribution location from Forest Pine Apartments, said Renee Figurelle, the chief operating officer.

Capt. Tim Whitt, spokesman for the Franklin Police Department, said that the last time the Food Bank’s tractor trailer was parked in the area, a problem developed due to the additional traffic using the road as a detour to get to the Hunterdale and hospital areas.

“Due to the increased traffic we cannot have a vehicle that large parked on the street,” Whitt said. “Cooperation with us would be a benefit for all involved.”

Figurelle said she was told by her volunteers that if the truck had stayed to distribute, the Food Bank clients would have been ticketed.

“I think the citizens in the area were complaining about the amount of traffic,” she said. “The police department asked us not to distribute. We can’t go against what the police department says.”

Figurelle said they were upset that they could not distribute, but she added they were looking for a new site.

“If it’s a traffic issue, we will have to find another location where traffic will not be a problem,” she said. “That requires us to coordinate and work with an organization that has more space.”

Anyone who has a site large enough, or who has a suggestion of a site large enough where traffic would not become a problem, is asked to contact the Food Bank office in Norfolk at 627-6599.

“We are looking for a new area, so anyone who knows the area better who has an idea of where we could relocate, we would appreciate it,” Figurelle said.

She said at this time she did not know if they would be able to return to Forest Pine when the construction is finished.

“We try to be as least disruptive as we can,” she said. “Our volunteers make sure that people are not blocking roadways or driveways.”