Cover 3 Foundation benefits from Rotary grant

Published 12:23 pm Saturday, May 31, 2014

FRANKLIN—The Franklin Rotary Club recently presented the Cover 3 Foundation with a lasting gift of equipment for its service to the community’s children.

Dylan Belt, club president, and other members used a $5,500 grant to buy kitchen equipment of carts, tables, coolers, ice packs and industrial-strength shelving. The money, which was matched locally, came from the District Rotary. Further, the contribution was to be for more than just a one-time use.

This is the second instance that the Franklin club has delivered items to help Cover 3, said Belt. He added that the members are working on getting a grant for next year, but that a different charitable organization would benefit.

“I’m truly thrilled by the wonderful things that Rotary is doing for Cover 3. Wonderfully blessed,” said Greg Scott, who is the founder. “This will help us to continue feeding children.”