Half of county students showed up Monday

Published 10:58 am Friday, May 30, 2014

COURTLAND—Approximately 50 percent of the average daily attendance in April showed up to classes in Southampton County on Memorial Day, according to Supt. Dr. Alvera Parrish.

The attendance was required in order to make up for time lost due to inclement weather this past winter. Monday’s scheduled classes were the last time that was necessary, she said.

The average daily attendance in April — the most current record — was 2,400 students.

Total enrollment is 2,723 students in grades K-12, said Parrish, and another 100 when including pre-schoolers or special education students.

Franklin did not have classes on Monday, nor did Isle of Wight County.

“We do not have any remaining snow days to make up since we elected to make up time versus days,” stated IWCS spokeswoman Kenita Bowers. “In Virginia, school divisions are required to meet at least 180 school days or approximately 900 hours of instruction time, so our leadership team decided to make up hours since there is already so much built-in time in our school days.

“June 12 and 13 have now become full days for our students, as opposed to half days in order to make up the remaining time missed due to the inclement weather earlier in the school year.”