Public hearing turnout was encouraging, but more work remains

Published 9:45 am Friday, May 16, 2014


Wednesday evening’s public hearing was a wonderful, excellent show of support for public education in Franklin on the part of our community leadership (includes everyone who spoke) as well as the State School Board. However, “show” is the operative term, pointing only to a potential for good. Both are willing and able to partner with our local system, but like Ed Pickup said, you (our local school board and Central Office leadership) have to WANT to change, just for starters. And while the proof will be in the pudding, we do not even have a pudding, yet.

I am so proud of many of our teachers and building administrators. If only they could be unleashed and truly supported. This was another clear message last night. No one can imagine how frustrating, stressful, exhausting and depressing all this is for our best people in the schools, those who know the potential of our children — all of our children. God help us in this awful, awesome struggle.

Howie Soucek