Virtual Office space available at the Franklin Business Incubator

Published 9:51 am Friday, April 25, 2014

So, what exactly is a virtual office you might ask, and, what does the word virtual mean anyway? An easy definition might be “existing in essence or effect, though not in actual fact.”

Another meaning is simply “basic and fundamental.”

In keeping with the latter meaning of the word, the staff and Board at the Franklin Business Incubator have established what we call a Virtual Office space. In other words, we have an office space that is basic and fundamental, but hugely helpful to those business owners who have started a business in their home and have grown it to the point that, while they sometimes need an outside office space and amenities that it can afford them, they are not quite ready to move out into an outside facility.

This program is also ideal for someone looking to establish a satellite office in Western Hampton Roads to test this market with their product or service prior to committing to a permanent office.

What does being a virtual client at the Franklin Business Incubator mean… and, whom will we serve? For a monthly fee, business owners can have access to office space and many of the amenities afforded to the clients at the incubator on a part-time basis.

Many people who start a business out of their home these days are reluctant to give out their home address, and for very obvious reasons!

At the Franklin Business Incubator, a virtual client will be given a physical address for their business, and it will be a place where packages can be signed for and received, and a business owner can meet a prospective client or business associate without having to open their home or drive great distances to an out-of-town office space.

Virtual clients will have access to an office space with a desk and internet service for two half days – or one whole day – each month. These dates must be scheduled with the Franklin Business Incubator staff in advance.

In addition, this status includes two hours of free conference room use per month, with an additional fee when this time is exceeded. There is access to the workroom and the small business equipment, including a copier, a fax machine and many other items that any business owner needs.

Virtual clients will be able to join the Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce as an Associate Member, where they will have full membership privileges; they will receive e-newsletters filled with resources and tips geared specifically for the small business owner; and, there are many networking opportunities available in which they may participate.

So, what are you waiting for?

If this sounds like something that would benefit you and your business, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

NANCY PARRISH is the manager of the Franklin Business Incubator. She can be reached at 757-562-1958 or by email