Manry Rawls, Farmers Bank announce partnership

Published 10:19 am Friday, April 18, 2014

FRANKLIN—Two long-established businesses in Western Tidewater are partnering: Manry Rawls LLC and Farmers Bank. By arrangement, Farmer’s Bank has become part owner in Manry Rawls, which will continue to operate independently under its own name.

V.S. “Vee” Pittman, president of Manry Rawls, will lead the partnership, while Farmers Bank will continue to concentrate on lending and banking services, both heavily concentrated on Main Street and agricultural businesses.

“We are glad to be able to strengthen our company in Franklin and look forward to bringing more new jobs to the area,” said Pittman. “Farmers Bank is well known for its service to its customers and the community in which they live. We look to help expand that reputation in the years to come.”

Negotiations for the partnership took about 90 days, said Richard “Dick” Holland Jr., chief executive officer of Farmers Bank. Just last spring, the bank opened its newest branch in Courtland.

“We’re really excited,” said Holland. “I think similar visions for our businesses and similar visions to remain independent and community oriented. I think we align perfectly there, and I think it’s a great partnership.

“We are both locally owned and operated with strong commitments to our communities and the people we serve,” he continued. “This association strengthens both Farmers Bank and Manry Rawls’ ability to remain independent and allows us to continue to offer products and services to our respective customer base in a manner we strongly believe in.”

He added that there will be no changes in staff for the banking side; the same holds true for Manry Rawls.Manry Rawls LLC operates two offices, one in Franklin and another in Courtland.

For more information about Manry Rawls, visit Farmers Bank is headquartered in Windsor and has six offices in Courtland, Smithfield and Suffolk. For more information about Farmers Bank, visit and