Vote Vanless D. Worrell for mayor of Newsoms

Published 10:39 am Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Vanless D. Worrell has worked with the Housing Department in Richmond to rehabilitate citizens’ homes in the town of Newsoms and Southampton County.

He worked with the Coffer Coasters Citizen Group and volunteers to extend water and sewage lines to 27 houses on Thomaston Road (from the town of Newsoms) with Southeast Rural Assistance of Roanoke.

Mr. Worrell is presently working with the Town of Newsoms, the county and Southeast Rural project in Roanoke. He is on the management team to eliminate storm water drainage problems in the Town of Newsoms and Thomaston Road.

As your mayor, he will work with council to balance the budget without raising taxes or using town reserve CDs [Certificates of Deposit], apply for federal grants to improve conditions in the town and respond to all citizens’ requests.

If elected mayor, Mr. Worrell will continue his efforts to make improvements for all town and county citizens without cost to the citizens.

Election Day is Tuesday, May 6.

Ida Spruell