Secure your pets

Published 10:26 am Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The story about the Medley woman who said she was injured while a pit bull came charging at her and her dog serves as something of a cautionary tale.

As Heather Hoffman told it, she was walking her own dog this past winter when the animal in question came at them. In the confusion and effort to fend the attack, the woman was severely hurt. The cause was not by a bite to either her or the other animal.

Nonetheless, the injury reportedly put her out of commission and has severely strained her financial resources.

Matters have not been helped by the dog’s owner supposedly having no resources of his own, including insurance. Thus, no compensation is on the horizon for the woman.

As we see it, people who own pets have a moral obligation to ensure the animals are well provided with food, shelter, water, loving care and vaccinations. No less important to to keep them secure with leashes or fences. A domesticated canine roaming free, for example, puts the animal’s life in danger of being hurt or killed by a car or truck. They also pose a threat to drivers who might swerve to avoid hitting them and get injured instead.

We urge all pet owners to periodically check the security of their own animals and ensure they won’t be a threat to themselves and people outside of the home. It’s the responsible thing to do.