Tributes well deserved

Published 12:36 pm Saturday, April 5, 2014

“Moses” is a fitting nickname for Waverly Lawrence.

For 35 years, he helped guide children and young adults out of an urban wilderness — which can be a maze — by his work in the Franklin Parks and Recreation Department. Under Lawrence’s watch, countless youth grew healthy in body, mind and spirit through numerous athletic and educational opportunities.

His energy and interests have also extended to seniors, serving them when called upon.

Nearly 40 years later, many of those children and teens who grew up and made lives for themselves recently came to thank him for his concern and dedication to their welfare.

Lawrence was lauded recently at an appreciation banquet. Joining those young adults were, of course, family, friends and former work associates.

Lawrence has not been alone in his ambition to cultivate the youth of the city. Working alongside him has been his wife, Carolyn. As revealed by a family member, the Lawrences have often went so far as to even feed youngsters they knew were having difficult times at home.

Although Lawrence has retired from the job, he promises to continue being involved in his community, especially for his beloved seniors.

The devotion he and his wife have actively demonstrated over the years is worthy of recognition. More importantly, they deserve to imitated.