Great schools in my community

Published 10:27 am Friday, April 4, 2014

by Jalya E. Willoughby

EDITOR’S NOTE: Both Jayla Willoughby and Deonte Thomas are fifth-graders at Capron Elementary School. They also belong to the Journalism Club. See more school news, pages A7-A9

Do you know why high quality schools are important? Well, I sure do.

High quality schools are important to me so I can get a superior education. I need a superior education so I can get into first-rate colleges such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Norfolk State University, and Virginia State University. This is why high quality schools are important, so you can get a better education.

Why do you think great schools are important in the community? Well, I think because the better the schools the less kids would be dropping out. Just about 8,000 kids are dropping out of school each day. We can make this better just by making better schools. Back then, it was not this many kids dropping out of school. These kids nowadays are dropping out of schools left and right. Instead of just trying to change it by making better schools, people are just sitting around ignoring it. Like Norfolk Public Schools are in trouble with the state now.

Now I am only in fifth grade. If I am realizing it, why can’t you?

Jayla E. Willoughby