Good behavior will erase charge of assault against supervisor

Published 11:41 am Saturday, March 29, 2014

COURTLAND—Southampton County Supervisor Dr. Alan W. Edwards will have the charge of assault on a family member dismissed, depending on his good behavior for the next two years. That was Judge Robert S. Brewbaker’s decision on Thursday in Southampton County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in Courtland.

Edwards was on trial after he had been arrested late Feb. 3 on the aforementioned charge.

The Tidewater News reported on Feb. 14 that John “Jack” Randall, the attorney who has been representing Edwards, said the charge is specifically classified as “unprivileged touching of a family member under 18.2-57.2 of the Virginia Code, and is a Class I misdemeanor.”

Belinda J. Jones, clerk of the court, told the newspaper on Thursday the verdict was that “evidence was sufficient for finding of guilt.”

She confirmed the charge will be dismissed after two years if Edwards has no other charges brought against him. He must also pay court costs. A return date of March 24, 2016, has been set to ensure that there’s been compliance.

Randall also said on Friday afternoon that Edwards “got a deferred finding under 18.257.3 of the Virginia Code, and that charges will be dismissed in two years based on Dr. Edwards’ good behavior.”

The attorney, who’s a member of Stallings and Randall, P.C., Courtland, added that there was a plea agreement done in his client’s best interest.

“A not-guilty plea was entered and we stipulated that the evidence would be sufficient for a deferred finding,” said Randall.

Edwards would not comment on the case. However, he did say he wants to go on record as follows: “I have a very beautiful wife, a very beautiful family, and I love them with all my heart and soul.”