Veterans’ lives are worth recording

Published 9:50 am Friday, March 28, 2014

Last Sunday, we were privileged to write and publish the story about George Davis of Franklin and his Army buddy Robert Doty, who lives in Illinois.

They’re part of the well-deserved nickname, “The Greatest Generation,” because they served their country during World War II. Service didn’t end there, however; they went on to South Korea during the conflict with the north.

When their tours of duty were completed, the servicemen returned and established careers and families of their own. Through the decades, though, they kept in touch.

That included alternating visits with one another. Most recently, Doty made the time to come from Washington, D.C., and see his long-time friend.

The reunion was especially poignant because both men are 87.

We’re inspired by their lives to ask veteran servicemen and women of Western Tidewater to share their stories of friendship and battles.

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