Former Franklin resident named director to Defense Logistics Agency Installation

Published 12:12 pm Friday, March 21, 2014

Almeta Davis

RICHMOND—Defense Logistics Agency Installation Support in Richmond introduced a new Site Director, Regina Haley-Grant. Originally from Franklin, the Colonel U.S. Army retired, was introduced to employees during a Town Hall meeting in the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center on Jan. 30.

Haley-Grant spoke about her personal journey to DLA Richmond and future expectations.

Haley-Grant was quick to share stories of her experiences as a leader and lessons she learned along the way. She describes herself as transparent and tough, “I love people and especially taking care of employees and families. The various paths I have taken have brought me to this job in Richmond, and I am happy and appreciative of this opportunity.

“Your problems I have had…there is not much out there that I have not seen,” Haley-Grant said. “I am a people person and an optimist. I cannot get the mission done if I don’t have you.”

She said she is going to ensure employees have what they need to do the mission and she is all about fairness.

“I’m not perfect, but I like trying to be perfect. I have learned and grown from my mistakes and that is exactly what I can do for you, let you learn and grow. We are one team and one fight.”

She is a 1976 graduate from Franklin High School, and a 1980 graduate of Virginia State University (VSU). She joined the military in 1985 and retired in June 2011 after serving 26 years, three months and 18 days.

After graduating from VSU with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in History, Haley-Grant said one of her first jobs was a Public Fire Educator teaching fire safety in schools, senior homes and community clubs. During a conversation with friends at Ft. Lee she decided she wanted to join the Army as an officer. To prepare herself to get in shape for Officer Candidate School, she participated in firefighter training where she worked.

She completed the firefighter training and Army Basic Training, both of which came in handy later at the Pentagon where she was during 9-11. Haley-Grant was in a conference room across the hall from where the hi-jacked plane hit. She credits the firefighting, military training and possibly an angel for getting her out.

When asked what keeps her motivated she smiled, “It goes all the way back to being a child in Franklin, my mother, Virginia (Puddin’) Haley, who still lives in the area, coupled with the fact that I’ve always wanted more, a better home, more travel, more experiences and just more of what life had to offer.”

She also expressed her gratitude to the leaders in her life, past and present, “I have a personal tool kit from each and every one of my previous leaders, which also includes some of my Franklin City public school teachers like Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Petty, who recently sent me a card. All of these ladies were instrumental in encouraging me to not only dream big but to make those dreams a reality.”

Also in that groups, Mr. Raybuck, he is always there when she thinks of her former teachers, said Haley-Grant.

“I was in his drama class. When I left high school I was an extrovert, I loved doing those one scene plays in his class,” she said. “However, once I got to college I became an introvert. I signed up for a drama class and found my place once again doing those one scene plays. It helped me to make the transition, taught me how to take any situation and make it my own and I never looked back.”

During her introduction to all 265 of her employees under her direction, Haley-Grant said she plans to use all that her tool kit holds to and ask three questions: Are we doing the right thing? Are we doing things right? What are we missing?

Prior to being selected for her current position as site director, Haley-Grant served as division chief, Strategic Management Group, Human Resources and Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, providing program and acquisition management oversight for more that $286 million dollars in the Human Capital Investment Program representing 68 Veterans Affairs-wide support initiatives.

Other previous assignments include director, Directives Management Forms, Publications and Office Management and Budget Data Collection Liaison at Veterans Health Affairs and as chief, Facilities and Property Branch at the National Labor Relations Board.

Haley-Grant’s impressive military career encompasses various command and military position within the U. S. Army Transportation Corps, statewide and overseas.

She resides in Woodbridge with her husband, Michael.