Town elections set for May 6

Published 3:58 pm Tuesday, March 11, 2014

COURTLAND—On Tuesday, May 6, towns in Southampton County will have elections to fill the roles of mayor and town council. According to the registrar’s office, the following candidates have been certified and will appear on the ballot. Incumbent candidates are noted with an “I”:

Boykins, Mayor

  • R. Spier Edwards, Jr.  “I”
  • David A. Stiglitz

Boykins, Town Council – 5 seats

  • Linda E. Beatty  “I”
  • Samantha Pope Dowd
  • Samuel B. Drewry Sr.  “I”
  • F.W. “Freddy” Felts  “I”
  • James H. “Hank” Fuller
  • Carolyn C. Modlin  “I”

Branchville, Mayor

  • Harold Preston Futrell, Jr.  “I”

Branchville, Town Council – 6 seats

  • Nancy Phelps Barrett  “I”
  • Deria A. Binetsky
  • Dawn R. Hayes
  • Roger M. Milliken Sr.  “I”
  • Kelly Joe Ray  “I”
  • Silvie Worrell-Murphy  “I”

Capron, Mayor

  • William Nick Kitchen IV  “I”

Capron, Town Council – 6 seats

  • William G. Jarratt Jr.  ”I”
  • Sharon K. Jones
  • Erma W. Joyner  “I”
  • Deborah B. Starke  “I”
  • Reginald Thomas Vaughan  “I”
  • Kenneth C. Williams

Courtland, Mayor

  • Danny R. Williams  “I”

Courtland, Town Council – Courtland is divided into 3 districts/wards with a total of 6 seats for the whole town

District A

  • Rheila A. Johnson  “I”
  • Maxine Darden Nowlin  “I”

District B

  • Jason C. Fowler  “I”
  • Jerry C. Morgan  “I”

District C

  • Lou Anne Davis  “I”
  • Stanley A. Piersa Jr.  “I”

Ivor, Mayor

  • Sandra L. “Sandy” Vick  “I”

Ivor, Town Council – 6 seats

  • C. Merrell Carr Jr.  ”I”
  • Wayne D. “Junkyard” Clark  “I”
  • D. Wayne Felts  “I”
  • Richard H. Hickman  “I”
  • Thomas H. Pittman  “I”
  • Tiffany N. Vick

Newsoms, Mayor

  • Kenneth Wayne Cooke
  • Vanless D. “VD” Worrell

Newsoms, Town Council – 6 seats

  • Donald B. Bowling  “I”
  • Clayton E. Gaskins  “I”
  • Shawn S. Geary  “I”
  • Harvey J. Porter Jr.
  • Judith C. Rose  “I”
  • Joseph M. Steward  “I”