Just to make the record straight

Published 10:37 am Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This article is in reference to a misprint in Saturday’s The Tidewater News (3/1/14). The article in title, “Public to schools: Next Superintendent should be active in the community” reads that I said that an important feature in a superintendent is they should be able to teach. This is a misquote.

While it is good if a superintendent is a good teacher, this is far from what I articulated. I stated that a superintendent should focus on “instructions.” The school system is there in the first place because of our children.

If we did not have any children there would be no need for a school system. With that being said, I think our energies and efforts should prioritize the reason for our existence: our children. A good instructional program is crucial in the curriculum of any school system. After all, the bottom line is educating our children.

Clyde Johnson