Just my imagination

Published 10:38 am Wednesday, March 5, 2014

by Clyde Johnson

Have you ever thought about the sinful nature of society and the world at large? Or better yet, can you imagine a sin-free society? Are we to the point that, “doing the right thing is not the right thing to do”? The moral decay of society has consumed efforts to do what is right. Many have accepted these vices as a way of life. Why is this so? Why is there so much corruption in the world? Why is there so much killing? To me a life is precious. I cannot give it and I don’t have the right to arbitrarily take it away. Does it have to be this way or is there a better way to live?

Imagine a world with no crime, or is this too far-fetch for your imagination? Remember, we have choices in life. Being a criminal is a choice. We steal, break laws, kill, etc. because we choose to do so. In many situations negative behavior dominates the world. Does it have to be this way?

Think about being hypocritical. Do we verbalize one thing and display contrary behavior? Do we send our children to church instead of taking them and staying there with them? We teach our children that it is important for them to do what is right, only for them to be exposed to a world of crime and corruption. Please understand that I am by no means suggesting that teaching your children to do the right thing is contrary to the way it should be. I am simply pointing out the vices in society. Can you picture a better society?

Why are there so much hate, bigotry and greed in the world? There are enough resources for all to have an abundant life. Yet there are those who seek to exploit, mislead, discriminate, and even kill for an advantage. These vices have actually led to a dysfunctional congress since President Barack Obama took office. This congress is so consumed with self-interest and resentment that it has lost direction and purpose. Does it have to happen this way?

Some countries are torn with wars. Most of these are civil wars. Groups of citizens are fighting each other for control, power, authority and Lord knows what else. Thousands of people have died in these wars. When all the turmoil and killing are put into the proper prospective, one has to wonder if the motivating factor was worth it. I cannot imagine anything vital enough to cause the lives of thousands of people. There has got be a better way to dissolve issues.

How about that Ted Nugent? Can you believe this guy? He jumps up out of the clear blue sky and arbitrarily attacks President Barack Obama? Words such as “liar,” “bad man” and “subhuman mongrel” certainly do not characterize the president. And upon all this, he has the gall to say that his remarks were not racist.

Is he crazy, or does he think the American people are? I have yet to understand how Nugent’s remarks connect with Greg Abbott’s Campaign. Apparently he has done more harm than good. It is sad that American politics have come to this. There has to be a better way.

Christianity is the dominate religion in the world. This means that most of the world religious people follow Christ. As followers of Christ we are commanded to have Agape (love) for each other. Where is the agape for our follow man? It can begin with each one of us.

Suppose there were no greed or lust for power, and every soul was content living within the hour? What if everybody did the “Right Thing” and did not sin? Is this practical? Is it possible? Would there be heaven on earth if this were true? Or is corruption so ingrained in the world that we cannot discern right from wrong?

CLYDE JOHNSON is a retired health physicist for the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. He lives in Franklin. He can be contacted at 562-4402.